Meet Richie! He is a 4th generation farmer whose passion has always been farming. Richie has never once thought of not being a farmer. 

Farming is not a job it’s a lifestyle and Richie definitely lives up to that lifestyle. It seems as though he’s always working and when we got bigger into the cattle there is no longer an off season! Cattle had always been a part of his life but became an even bigger interest when Karissa came into the picture and showed her love for livestock. (This made his grandpa quite happy seeing him take such an interest in these cattle)

Richie loves tractor pulling, hunting, fishing and spending time with friends and family when he’s not working.

His best job is being a dad though. These 2 little babes love going to work with their dad. We are quite lucky to live the life we do and show our kids what hard work and a dream can accomplish! Weston is following close in his dads shoes never wanting to miss a day at work with dad.

Richie’s hard work is definitely what keeps our farm going on the back side with daily feeding, checking and monitoring the cattle. It takes a team to do what we do and “most” days we make a good one!

I’m Karissa. I am the crazy chaos coordinator around here. I do the marketing and the sales of our beef along with a million other titles I could hold. I help wherever I’m needed when I’m not at a market or doing a delivery! I started dating Richie in 2009 and I have had a hand in the farm ever since. In 2015 after having our son I decided to make the beef and cattle my main focus and started revamping how we sold our beef! Beef has always been a part of the farm, selling quarter, half and whole beef but I wanted to offer it to every household! It has become a passion to provide beef that is nutritious and HIGH quality to families everywhere.

When I’m not working I love to be outside with the kids or riding horses. I barrel race competitively. I love to train new colts and watch how they progress!

Weston and Oaklynn are my pride and joy. I love to spend all my time with them. They keep us busy with their always on the go attitudes (no idea where they get that) they are really little blessings and I wouldn’t know how to function without them! We really enjoy riding together whether we are trail riding, moving cattle or just messing around in the arena. They are learning to be quite the little cowboy and cowgirl!