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Why Dry aged Beef

While dry aging the beef longer than the industry standard of 14 days increases the shrink and loses poundage it has great benefits. The natural enzymes in the meat break down the muscle making it more tender and flavorful. It creates a rich, flavorful meat with a buttery texture that makes dry aged meat the most desirable on the market. The Dry Aging benefits are obtained by hanging the meat in a controlled open air environment that pulls moisture from the meat.

How we feed

A common question we are often asked is how we feed our cattle. Ours is unique to us and we pride ourselves on our feeding practices. We are neither a grass or grain finished operation. We do a mix of feed sources throughout their lives. Just like humans how cattle are fed is a preference of the farmer. There isn't a right or wrong way of feeding cattle. There are things that make the meat different in taste, marbling and texture. We feed silage, hay, corn and straw that is made here on our farm. We outsource other things depending on availability. We have used distillers's grains, potato mash, gummy bears, starch etc. We believe that these products are unique and that it is one less wasteful thing. The distillers grains may not have a purpose for the company we get it from but we are able to put it to good use as a feed source instead of it going to waste. When we get potato mash it is from a potato chip company so once again we can help get rid of their waste and put it to good use for our cattle feed. These products are much more digestible for the cattle than your typical corn diet.

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