About Us

Wyeth Farms was established in 1919 and currently is a 6th generation farm ran by Dick, Richie, Karissa, and Victoria Wyeth. The family works each day to continue their legacy in preparation for the future generations of Weston and Oaklynn Wyeth.

Since 1919, the farm has always focused on raising corn and soybeans with a small cattle operation until the last 10 years. In 2016, Wyeth Farms decided to take a big step outside of their comfort zone and heavily focus on increasing their cattle operation Within the last three years, Wyeth Farms has now expanded their operation from selling freezer beef to private buyers and farmers markets, to now partnering with local Indiana colleges.

In addition to beef, Wyeth Farms specializes in the production of corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. Wyeth Farms’ current stock is focused on 100% Black Angus bulls and crossbred cows and heifers. Cattle are fed through innovative means of 70% forage (hay, grass, and haylage) and 30% grain. This has improved the quality of beef. Cattle are not fed feed through antibiotics or growth hormones. All cattle are started on grass/hay and have access to hundreds of acres throughout their lives. In addition to the means in which they are fed, cattle are watered through natural springs.

In 2018, Wyeth Farms won the River Friendly Farmer of Indiana award and in 2017, they won the Conservation Farm of the year. They also are partnered with Wabash College and DePauw University through the Bon Appetit-Farm to Fork program. Their beef has also been featured at the Culinary Fight Club of Indianapolis, Uptown Café in North Salem, as well as local eat challenges. Wyeth Farms can also be found at local farmers markets in Danville, Plainfield, and North Salem, Indiana.